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About Us

MAREA is an "artisan" company with its roots in the expertise and the dedication of men with a strong bond with the sea. MAREA means unlimited passion for the underwater world and absolute diligence to bring you the best possible product: we put all our care to create comfortable, reliable and safe wetsuits so that they can fulfil the expectations of both the professional and the "amateur" diver.

The choice of the right wetsuit is often a critical and difficult one, depending on several factors that may influence the diving experience: the ideal wetsuit is the perfect balance between different elements such as its size (so that it can perfectly fit the diver), its thickness and the quality of neoprene it is made of (both essential for the diver's comfort and the wetsuit's thermal insulation properties), its colour or mimetic pattern and, last but not least, other factors such as the overall design, the craftsmanship and the finishing touches which are also essential for a wetsuit designed to last several years.

Here at MAREA we understand how much all these factors are important for our customers and it is by keeping them in mind that we have developed our range of wetsuits and a specifically studied manifacturing process: our way of designing and producing our models lies on the basic concept that every single wetsuit has to be made specifically for the diver who will wear it.

To comply with these requirements, here at MAREA we use only top-quality materials such as neoprene sheets produced by world renowned Japanese brands and we adopt production techniques developed and constantly improved with the experience and commitment of people who live the underwater word. Rest assured that we will always bring you the best possible product: a superior quality wetsuit.