Gloves are an important accessory for every diver and an essential complement to your equipment. Our gloves, crafted with MAREA's typical attention to details, will keep your hands warm and allow you to hold a firm grip on your fishing spear.

Bermuda shorts, like vests have been designed to provide an additional protection layer to the diver, allowing him to swim for a longer time in colder waters, thanks to the improved capability of retaining the  body warmth.

These socks are made sticking their components together and then sewing them using non filtering stitches. The anatomic design makes them very easy to wear and the lack of stitches on the inside allows to avoid any skin inflammation.

Our bags are made with quality materials, assembled to resist and designed to comfortably carry your equipment with you.

Weights are important to mantain a correct trim underwater. We have a selection of weights adequate to most divers' needs.

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